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What Do The Ginger Man Norwalk, Zombies, and a Movie Called The Battery Have in Common?

21 Mar
Jeremy Gardner has been a server at The Ginger Man Norwalk for about three years now and now he’s considered to be the head server.  He knows a helluva lot about beer, he’s friendly, and he’s a good leader.  Plus, he’s a writer and producer!  Specifically, he has written and produced a film entitled The Battery.  It was filmed in 15 days with a wee budget of just $6,000.  According to the info on their YouTube trailer, “The film follows two former baseball players, Ben and Mickey, months after an unexplained outbreak. Gardner also stars in the film, alongside New York native Adam Cronheim.”  That’s not the only Ginger Man, connection, though.  Casey Dohme, manager at the Norwalk location, is an investor in the movie and is also the Executive Producer.  Casey told us that watching Jeremy make progress with the writing of the movie, week after week, was amazing.  He was more than happy (along with 9 others) to help Jeremy along the way with an investment to jumpstart The Battery.
As the film was being edited and put together, Christian Stella (Director of Photography) leaked the teaser you see here that got 70,000 likes in the first week.  Soon after, when The Battery was completed, it was submitted to film festivals across the world.  The first showing of the film was during The Telluride Horror Show in Colorado.  After this it was shown at Durango Film Festival, was shown for zombie lovers in Upstate NY, West Virginia, and Boston, and soon it will be played at Mauvais Genre in France, Imagine in Amsterdam, Dead by Dawn in Scotland, and Fantaspoa in Brazil.
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