Three Cheers to Two Roads Brewing for 3 Years of Beer Magic on 12/18

14 Dec
Get your first tastes of the 3rd Anniversary Ale on 12/18!

Two Roads in Stratford opened its doors three years ago . . . but, that feels strange. It seems that they have been around much longer, huh? Their brews are on tap everywhere in the state, you can easily find their seasonal or all year beer at your local packie, and even if you’re visiting a nearby state, chances are you’ll still be able to order Two Roads.

Along with its ubiquitous nature has come a major influence on the CT beer scene. While you can’t say that all the growth of CT beer has happened because of them, they have certainly had a major influence. In fact, they have been a solidifying and unifying force amongst CT breweries. It’s been a beautiful, symbiotic relationship: as CT beer grows, Two Roads grows; as Two Roads grows, CT beer grows. Plus, they still remain one of the most recognized, steadfast, and consistent breweries around.

So, to celebrate all the beer they’ve been able to produce, all the special release days they’ve locked down, all the food trucks that have visited, and all the happy memories in the tasting room, they are hosting a Two Roads 3rd Anniversary Bash.

The party goes down on December 18, you in? On draft will be a special anniversary beer, their 3rd Anniversary Ale. Boys and girls, that’s a Belgian Dubbel that you’re gonna wanna drink the hell outta. They’ll be serving up their first beer that was ever brewed for just $3: Honeyspot Road IPA. And, even better, they’ll be tapping a “celebratory firkin” at 5 pm with CEO Brad Hittle offering up a toast at 5:30.

Cheers, Two Roads! Here’s to many more great years and to expanding your reach within the US even more!

Two Roads Brewing Company

1700 Stratford Avenue

Stratford, CT 06615

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