Ratebeer.com Picks NEBCo, OEC, Willimantic, Ginger Man + More as Best in State!

23 Feb

Ratebeer.com recently released awards for various categories like Best Beers in the World, Top 100 Brewers, Top New Releases of 2014 and various other categories by region. Here are the results for Connecticut (but definitely check out all the lists):

Best Beer, Brewer, New Brewery by Subregion

  • Best Beer: Gandhi-Bot, New England Brewing Company
  • Best Brewery: New England Brewing Company
  • Best New Brewery: OEC (Ordinem Ecentrici Coctores) 

Best Retailers by Subregion

  • Best Brewpub: Willimantic Brewing Company and Main Street Cafe
  • Best Bottle Shop: Mountview Plaza Wines and Liquors
  • Best Bar: Ginger Man, Norwalk
  • Best Restaurant: n/a
  • Brewer Taproom: n/a
  • Grocery: n/a

We’re not exactly sure why there was no taproom or restaurant listed here for Connecticut when many other states had these entries filled in. We’ll have to write Ratebeer.com and let them know about our great restaurant scene and all the awesome taprooms that we have throughout the state.

Well, what do you think of this list? What brewery do you think is best? What was your favorite new brewery? Favorite beer or place to get that beer? Let us know!

One Response to “Ratebeer.com Picks NEBCo, OEC, Willimantic, Ginger Man + More as Best in State!”

  1. Mike T February 24, 2015 at 7:09 am #

    Overall, this is a solid list. The one winner that is very strange is Mountview Plaza as the best bottle ship. Several years ago when a guy named Terry was the beer buyer, it very well could have been a contender. But, their craft beer quality has since gone down hill.

    Putting that aside :

    Best beer winner as Gandhi-Bot is a great choice, also could see Coriolis from NEBCO
    Best Brewery – Yes, NEBCO is far & away the best brewery in CT
    Best New Brewery – OEC is a very good choice, while their focus is on sour beer, so if someone does not enjoy Rodenbach, berliner weisses, goses, etc, they could opt for Black Hog, more of a focus on “standard offerings” such as a brown ale, milk stout, IPA, etc.
    Brewpup – Willibrew is also another obvious winner to me & they have been doing their thing up in the “quiet corner” for a long time, only wish they were closer
    Bottleshop – For a large one, Total Wine, although as a bi-product of their size, quite a few employees know a lot less than their customers, Small one, 99 Bottles, great selection for such a small size & always friendly customer service from the crew
    Best Bar – Gingerman is a very good choice, also could vote for The Cask Republic

    Now for the 3 categories with no answers :

    Restaurant : Coalhouse which OmNom mentions often is up there, if a tap list smaller than 10 drafts was a category then Little Pub would win, Prime 16 is ideal if you want a burger
    Brewer Taproom : 2 Roads is very suitable for this category with such a well-layed out space and a nice view of the operations below you as you quaff their beer.
    Grocery : In the state of Connecticut, there really are no grocery stores with excellent craft beer selections. But if you just are looking for a basic IPA from Captain Lawerence or a Belgian classic like Duvel or Delerium Tremens, most of the Whole Foods locations can serve your needs. (would love to see Whole Foods take their craft beer as seriously in CT as they do in some of their stores, most notably their ones in their home state of Texas)


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