Creative sushi dishes, a festival of sights and tastes. Matsuri–Darien, CT

24 Feb

Attack of the Monster Shumai!!!


As our nice little vacation dwindled down to its last dregs, we found ourselves sore from snowboarding at Windham in the Catskills.  So, what else is there to do but recouperate with the help of some sushi?  So, we took to the handy-dandy again and found Matsuri in Darien with high ratings and  food that sounded fantastic.  It was a hard choice because they have quite an extensive menu of rolls and Matsuri Signature Rolls.  So, we checked the hell out of that ordering page:

1) Homemade Shumai with steamed pork and shrimp, topped with masago

2) Peanut Avocado Roll

3) Chocolate Beef Roll with crispy scallops, asparagus, grilled rare beef, and a light and sweet chocolate sauce

4) Ditmark Roll with pepper tuna, avocado, spicy salmon, and toppings of salmon, peanuts, and chili sauce

5)  Curry Salmon roll with spicy yellowtail, seaweed salad, salmon, curry sauce, and chervil

Ditmark Roll and Chocolate Beef Roll!

Well, let’s start with the four shumai:  unlike typical dainty little shumai, they were quite plump and juicy with goodness. The biggest shumai I’ve ever seen.  They were a bit cold, but they did come from Darien to Stamford to get to us.  The taste, though, was good, though the pork was just a tad fatty, and it was gently highlighted with the delicate mustard dipping sauce.  I hate mustard and I didn’t even realize it was mustard (Howie, I hope I haven’t disappointed you) until Kristien mentioned it.  So, well played Matsuri!

Peanut Avocado Roll. This was the cheapest roll of the bunch at $5, because it was so simple.  Rice, avocado, and crushed peanut on top made for a helluva good roll!

Now, onto my favorite roll:  Chocolate Beef Roll, a culinary challenge that I knew I had to tackle.  I figured it wasn’t so crazy considering how great mole sauce can be, so I trusted all the friends who told me how great Matsuri is.  Well, this roll was really amazing.  To begin, you have a nice thick piece of grilled beef on top, cooked rare.  You don’t get that grilled taste until you’ve bitten through the crispiness of the asparagus and the scallops and it’s such a nice kick that I just kind of oozed down to the floor like a puddle.  But, just as you get that excellent grilled taste you get the subtle rich chocolatiness of the sauce on top.  This is a winner in my book, but it’ll cost ya $13–well worth it.

Peanut Avocado and Curry Salmon Rolls

Next up was the Ditmark Roll and this was a great one, too.  The saltiness of the peanuts on top mixed well with the spiciness from the chili sauce, pepper tuna, and spicy salmon.  Trust me, all of these were finished and Kristien and I stared each other down at a few points to make sure that the rolls were divided up evenly. :)  Kristien took the Curry Salmon Roll and did some omnoming of her own.  She thought this roll was also very good as well with fresh yellowtail and salmon, just the right amount of curry to give it a kick and chevril to balance that out. YUM!

The verdict?  Matsuri has great sushi, excellent actually.  The menu was unique, the fish was fresh, and everything was beautiful both in presentation but also in culinary creativity.  The cost is a bit steep, but the food is worth giving it a shot. And take a chance and try the Chocolate Beef Roll, that’s my major recommendation here!

Noms:  3.75
Cost:  $$$
Address:  390 Post Road
Darien, CT 06820
Phone:  (203) 655-4999
Menu on seamlessweb

Matsuri on Urbanspoon

4 Responses to “Creative sushi dishes, a festival of sights and tastes. Matsuri–Darien, CT”

  1. Howie at Sky Pulse Media February 25, 2011 at 3:15 pm #

    That looked so good! OMG! I have to admit I have enjoyed dipping chicken fingers into honey mustard sauce when its heavy on the honey!


    • Dan Del Ferraro February 25, 2011 at 3:18 pm #

      Yeah, if the mustard doesn’t play a heavy part I can be on board, but that gloppy yellow stuff people infect their burgers and dogs with. It’s a crime against humanity. Those shumai were just ridiculous! :)



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