Wholesome Wave and a Fundraiser to Go Hog Wild Over!

17 May

Kristien and I were sitting by the fireplace of The Inn at Sweet Water Farms in the Berskshires last year, enjoying the warmth, sipping on some wine and spirits, and reading.  We had picked The Inn at Sweet Water Farms because it was named a top bed & breakfast for foodies to stay.  Why, you ask?   Lynda Fisher (co-owner) cooks an amazing breakfast for you from local food…and even rabbit from her own farm if you’re daring.  We sat there, soaking in the flames and came upon a magazine with Michel Nischan on the cover.  Hey, that’s the chef from The Dressing Room (Naughty Angel=BEST DESSERT EVER) where we just ate last weekend!  Well, turns out that Michel Nischan is so much more than a celebrated chef.

We discovered the amazing change that he and Wholesome Wave are bringing about in the world.  Michel, CEO and Co-Founder, has made the mission of Wholesome Wave to provide easy and affordable access to healthy and locally grown produce in communities that need it the most.  They realize that when communities begin to produce more of their own food, they will become more sustainable and the local economy will grow too.  In addition, Wholesome Wave has recently made big changes happen at Whole Foods Market.  As we reported to you, starting this past Earth Day, Whole Foods Market will only sell sustainable and environmentally friendly fish at their stores.  That’s a whole lot of change that will help keep our environment safe, but will also keep our food fresh, clean, and healthy.

Here piggy piggy

Because Wholesome Wave is a nonprofit organization, they need funds to help make food available to communities and support small/mid-size farms.  They have created a foodie/locavore/celebritychefophile’s heaven called The Whole Hog to bring in much needed funding.  Four of the best chefs in Connecticut will literally be using all of a free-range pig in an oinky plethora of small dishes.  These dishes will highlight cuts of the pig that you might not be used to.  They will also be offering some special previews of their seasonal dishes.  Ooooh!  Wait, don’t worry, there will also be wine to wash it down. ;)

First piggy: Tim LaBant of Schoolhouse at Cannondale in Wilton.

Next piggy: John Barricelli of SoNo Baking Company in South Norwalk.

Third little piggy:  Bun Lai of Miya’s Sushi in New Haven.

Last little piggy:  Joe Wolfson of the newly opened Terrain Garden Cafe in Westport.

Host piggy:  Michel Nischan of The Dressing Room in Westport.

So, jot down this info:

Thursday, May 24

6: 30 PM

Clarke Showroom

64 South Main Street
South Norwalk, Connecticut 06854

$145 per person (think of where the money is going…you’re making great change in the world)

There will also be a live auction!

Buy tickets here or call (203) 226-1112.

Have you ever attended a dinner like this with a whole-animal experience?  Also, how do you “go local” in your lives?  We’d love to hear your experiences and your thoughts.

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