Miya’s Sushi and Chef Bun Lai Featured on Good Food America with Nathan Lyon

13 Sep

We first had Miya’s Sushi of New Haven at The Whole Hog Fundraiser for Wholesome Wave.  That’s when we met the myth, the man, the legend…the one, the only Bun Lai.  See, ladies and gents, there’s Chuck Norris, then there’s The Most Interesting Man in the World, and then there is Bun Lai.

Bun Lai is solely responsible, by a flick of his fingers, for the sun rising.  Bun Lai does not sweat, his pores ooze liquid gold.  In a fight between Chuck Norris and Bun Lai, Bun Lai would defeat him with his trusty pair of chopsticks then serve Chuck sushi as a special.  He is the most inspiring sushi chef in the world.

Okay fine, let’s explain why.  Miya’s Sushi was the first sustainable sushi restaurant in the world and is the only one in the Northeast right now.  With the guidance of Bun Lai, head chef and owner, it has grown into an icon and has been praised by many to be the best sushi in the country, arguably the best sushi in the world.  From what we had at our tasting, we’d have to agree that the sushi at Miya’s is really just in your face with creativity and out of control in terms of being a life changing experience.

If you have seaweed on your roll, guess where it came from?  Chef Lai’s own harvesting.  Yeah, it’s wild.  It’s that fresh, that pure.  The fish on the menu is local and, of course, sustainable.  Also, maybe you’ve had something called a sweet potato roll at a sushi restaurant?  Well, guess where it came from?  Yup, Miya’s Sushi.  Another thing that makes the cuisine at Miya’s Sushi epic is their vegetarian menu.  Actually, they boast the largest vegetarian sushi menu options in the world.

Heading out to New Haven isn’t always easy for us Stamfordites, but it’s been a mission of ours ever since we met Bun Lai.  On Saturday, 9/15, at 9 pm you’ll be able to meet him too.  Miya’s Sushi is being featured on Good Food America with Nathan Lyon.  You can find this show on Veria Living and also check out a preview clip here:  Miya’s Sushi on Good Food America.  The host, Nathan Lyon, is a lover and expert of healthy and sustainable food.  You might also remember him as a finalist on The Next Food Network Star.

So, definitely check out this show, and definitely check out Miya’s Sushi in New Haven when you’re in town.

We’ll leave you with some drool-worthy descriptions of sushi dishes from Bun Lai:

Falafel, avocado, and asparagus, topped with roasted eggplant, and wilted greens, drizzled with champagne tahini
4 pieces for 8

Figs, dates, raisins, goat cheese, roasted barley, pomegranate, cinnamon, spicy red pepper, honey, pistachio, extra virgin olive oil, falafel
4 pieces for 8
Calamari (purse seine net, RI, Seafood Watch – Best Choice), marscapone cheese, pistachios, and orange marmalade
4 heroic pieces for 8
Lobster (wild, trap caught, ME, Seafood Watch – Good Alternative), papaya, apricots, brie cheese, rolled in California sushi rice steamed in sauvignon blanc and wild mushroom stock
2 pieces for 8
A sinfully delicious roll of banana, peanut butter, strawberries, chocolate, and homemade, hand-pounded mochi, topped with baby scoops of rose petal ice cream – eaten in one bite using your fingers
1 bite sized piece for 6

Miya’s Sushi

68 Howe Street

New Haven, CT

Miya's Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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