Fall in Love (Again, Over and Over) with Cheese this Fall at Fairfield Cheese Company

28 Aug

Cheese makes the world go round.  If you disagree, then you shouldn’t be reading this.  See, Fairfield Cheese Company (see our post) has created a load of cheesy goodness in store for you this fall.  If you haven’t stopped by their awesome store in Fairfield, now’s a great time.  See, they’ve just been named the winners of the 2012 Best Cheese Selection by Best of Connecticut.  But, that’s not all.  They are also featured in Food & Wine Magazine as one of the top 5 cheese shops in the entire country by Laura Werlin.  As if this isn’t enough, they’ve got an amazing variety of fun events happening.  So, check ‘um out for the first time or come back again to fall back in love with cheese:  

Fromage Friday

#FF #cheese #byob #heaven  Yup, it’s everything great about the world, every single Friday this fall from 5-8 pm.  Fromage Friday begins September 7 and will cost just $10.  In return, you’ll get to nom away on lots of gourmet cheese.  They will also provide empty glasses for you.  For what, you ask?  For your wine or beer, duh!  Let’s sweeten the deal a bit:  get your liquid goodness next door at Harry’s, tell them you’re a part of Fromage Friday and get a 10% discount.  Now, you can’t pull this on Swiss Cheese Saturday, Stracchino Sunday, Mascarpone Monday, or Turophile (means cheese lover, we looked it up and stuff) Tuesday.  This deal is only live during Fromage Friday, punks.

Cheese Classes on Tuesdays

If school was this fun, so many people wouldn’t complain and moan about the teachers, the tests, and how unfair everything is.  Here at Fairfield Cheese Company it’s cool to be in school.  Check them out Tuesdays during the fall from 7-9 for some learnin’.  Be sure to call (203) 292-8194 or e-mail laura@cheeseschoolofct.com to make your reservations because you’re not the only person who loves cheese.  

Here’s the info from their page:

Tuesday, September 25th. 7-9 pm: Cheese 101

Do you love cheese?  Do you want to know more about it? Cheese 101 is the best place to start. Sit and relax over a plate of some of our best cheeses (with a little wine to wash it down, of course) as Chris and Laura bare the basics. Let us guide you through a scrumptious tasting of fresh and bloomy cheeses, washed rind and aged, plus a variety of cow, sheep, and goat cheese, all while learning about cheese-making. Leave with your new-found knowledge and order with confidence  the next time you’re at a cheese counter. $45.00

Tuesday, October 2nd. 7-9 pm: Oktoberfest, Cheese & Beer

If you can’t make it to Germany’s annual Oktoberfest this year, why not join us for the next best thing? This class is a festive tribute to German food and beer culture. We’ll sample the most beer friendly cheeses and Chris will prepare a few traditional German goodies to accompany the beers of the season. $45.00

Tuesday, October 23rd. 7-9 pm: And The Winner is…2012 American Cheese Society

In August the American Cheese Society holds its annual conference and competition where hundreds of American-made cheeses go head to head to determine which ones will be deemed the best of the best in their specific categories. It also happens to be American Artisan Cheese Month so this class will be a celebration of our own country’s talented cheesemakers. We’ll taste some of the winners and discuss the revolution in American made cheeses. $45.00

Tuesday, November 13th. 7-9 pm: Fondue

Fondue is back big time, and what better way to get together with friends and family on a cold autumn night? We’ll experiment with several different fondue recipes using a variety of alpine and other hearty cheeses in all their warm and creamy glory. We’ll have lots of delicious dipping accompaniments and a couple of wine selections to add to the fabulous fondue fun $45.00

Tuesday, November 27th. 7-9 pm: Perfect Pairing:Cheese & Wine

Every so often, we find pairings of cheeses and wines that go above and beyond, complementing each other in a way that can only be described as “Marriages-Made-in-Heaven.” In this class, with the help of our friends at Harry’s Wine & Liquor, we will pair the perfect cheese with it’s perfect wine match and discuss the basics of pairing cheese & wine. $45.00

Tuesday, December 4th. 7-9 pm: Cheese and Chocolate

Indulgence in great food and drink around the holiday season is nearly universal, and tonight we do it right! We’re kicking off the holiday season with a carefully paired tasting of cheeses and chocolates and washing it down with sparkling wine. A rather indulgent evening for sure. Let the holiday decadence begin!

Address:  2090 Post Road (adjacent to Harry’s Wine Shop)

                      Fairfield, CT

Hours:  Monday – Thursday, 10:00 – 7:00 pm;

                  Friday and Saturday, 10:00 am – 8:00 pm. Closed Sunday

Phone:  (203) 292-8194

Site:  http://fairfieldcheese.com

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