Spice things up: Hatch Chile Roasting Festival at Grade A in Stamford

8 Aug

If you would like your mind to be blown search up “What’s the difference between chile and chili peppers?”  Digging through the vast amounts of articles and bickering over a single letter is certainly tough academic work.  Some claim there’s no difference, some claim it’s a difference based upon where you live, and some strongly state that chiles are spicy peppers (New Mexicans in particular) while chili is the meaty soup-like food.  We’ll just have to do more research on this (and by saying that we mean we’re done researching it)!

Anywho, you’ll be happy to know (however you spell it) that Grade A ShopRite on West Main Street in Stamford is hosting a Hatch Chile Roasting Festival on August 10 from 10-3 pm.  These prized peppers are the champagne of the chile world, only being grown in Hatch.  If you get a Hatch pepper from anywhere else it’s a fake!  And, what makes them even more valuable is that the harvest season is very short.  So, you’ll have to come by and try some of these big and bad grilled chiles outside of the Grade A.  In addition, you’ll be provided with some killer recipes and will get tips from the experts on how to best prepare your Hatch chiles.

Hint:  when cutting hot peppers it’s never fun to wipe your eyes or use the bathroom.  Just trust us on that one.

Grade A ShopRite

Hatch Chile Festival

August 10, 10-3 pm

1990 W Main St

Stamford, CT 06902

2 Responses to “Spice things up: Hatch Chile Roasting Festival at Grade A in Stamford”

  1. Rob August 8, 2013 at 9:35 am #

    Having lived many years in New Mexico I can’t tell you how happy this post makes me. I NEED to get to Stamford this weekend!!!


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