Local Dr. Creates Gelato with Longford’s to Raise Money for American Heart Association at Stamford ShopRite

17 Oct

Dr. Doolittle.

Dr. Spock.

Dr. Oz.

Dr. Dre.

Sure, they’re all amazing people, but we’d like you to meet someone even more awesome:  Dr. Marc Brodsky.  Dr. Brodsky works at Stamford Hospital and was the organizer of the Chile Pepper Festival that we told you about this September.

So, why is this mild-mannered doctor so amazing?  Maybe it’s because he’s part scientist, maybe it’s because he’s developed his own gelato recipe…or maybe it’s even because he’s taken that recipe and teamed up with Longford’s Own-made Ice Cream and ShopRite to raise money for the American Heart Association?  Yeah, it’s all of those—that’s the correct answer.  Dr. Brodsky’s recipe produced by Longford’s will be on sale at the 1900 West Main ShopRite in Stamford on 10/19 from 10:30-2:30.  All of the proceeds will go towards the American Heart Association, too.

So, how did all of this begin?

It all started back in Westwood, Cali where he met a person who had just opened up a gelato cafe on the UCLA campus.  He was fascinated by the gelato, especially the fruity versions.  But, it was all too much to take…he had to begin experimenting and creating his own.  Although his first gelatos ended up as “flavored ice cubes” as he calls them, he never gave up.  He tried countless amounts of gelato, picking apart the process and ingredients in hopes of improving his recipe.  As he became better, he realized that his main flavor would be a pomegranate gelato−chosen for its heart-healthy effects.

As he developed a recipe that included whole milk, water, and pomegranate juice concentrate, he got in touch with Longford’s in Port Chester.  They agreed to help out by producing the gelato and bringing it to Stamford Hospital.  From there, Dr. Brodsky’s gelato went on sale with the proceeds going to the American Heart Association Heart Walk.  Taking it a step further for future batches, Gelatissimo in New Canaan helped Dr. Brodsky to make the gelato even more amazing.

Soon after this in 2010, the name Tart ‘n Soul was created and it again went on sale at the Stamford Hospital’s Tully Center.  Unfortunately, for the 2011 and 2012 there was no working freezer for Dr. Brodsky to use, so the sales of the gelato had to be put on hold.  But, do you think that stopped him?  If you’ve been paying attention to this article, you’d obviously say no…it wouldn’t stop him.  And you’d be right.

He traveled up to Canada to meet world-famous ice cream expert, Professor Doug Goff.  They talked and Dr. Brodsky added key ingredients such as cream, non-fat dry milk, and lecithin that gave the gelato a nicer body and improved its freezer life.  And that takes us to just a while ago when a ShopRite executive tasted Tart ‘n Soul and loved it.  So much so that he agreed to have the tasting and sale day that we mentioned previously.

We hope you can make it on Saturday, 10/19 from 10:30-2:30 and purchase a Tart ‘n Soul gelato.  If you see Dr. Brodsky there, make sure to say hi.

Tart ‘n Soul Gelato Tasting and Sale


Date:  10/19

Time:  10:30-2:30

1900 West Main

Stamford, CT

Here’s what’s in Tart ‘n Soul:

Tart ‘n Soul Pomegranate Gelato is made with whole milk and cream and is flavored with Pomegranate Juice Concentrate.  This product contains no added sugar.  All sugar comes naturally from the Pomegranate Juice Concentrate, which constitutes 25% of the Gelato by weight.  These sugars lower the freezing point to prevent it from freezing solid.  Soy lecithin, non-fat dry milk, and potato starch are added to thicken and stabilize the base.

Here’s why pomegranate is so amazing, according to WebMD:

·  Pomegranate juice may improve blood flow to the heart.

·   Pomegranate juice may help stop plaque from building up in blood vessels.

·   Pomegranate juice may slow cancer growth.

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