Exclusive Pappy Van Winkle Dinners @ Plan B Burger Bar in Glastonbury + Stamford

21 Oct

Update:  we’ve added the info for the Plan B Stamford version, too…

We were in Boston last weekend and were finally going to have our first tastes of Pappy.  Yes, it was there on the menu at Prezza (highly recommend) in Boston’s Little Italy, but we were informed by our waiter that they were out.  Dear God, the agony, the defeat, the extreme pain!  Oh Pappy, you are so elusive, so rare, so hard to find.  Why must you torture us?

Plan B logoBut, then we got a nice tweet from our friends at Plan B two days ago.  Wouldn’t you know it, they’ve created a five course menu for 11/18 at 7 pm that features Pappy Van Winkle?  But, we’re talking about a different Pappy for each course.  Yes, the 10, 12, 15, 20, and 23 year reserves will be tasted.  They will be paired with the following 5 courses:

1) Rolled oysters

2) Fried chicken with savory waffles

3) Seasonal Salad with butternut squash

4) Bourbon braised short ribs

5) Trio of bourbon desserts

Tickets are $195 with tax and tip included.  While this might seem like a helluva lot of dinero, it really isn’t for the quality and rarity of the bourbons that you’re tasting.  Take the 23 year old reserve, for example.  The bottle retails at about $300 bucks and a 2 oz. shot can cost you about $75.  Clearly, it’s one of the most expensive bourbons ever…but the demand for Pappy is so high that you’ll probably never see it in the store.  But, you might see it on the auction block.  According to The Atlantic Wire, a bottle of 20 year old Pappy just got auctioned off for a whopping $1,000.

But wait, there’s more…Plan B Stamford is in on the action, too at 11/20 at 6 pm.  Tickets are $155 with taxes and tip included.  Here’s the menu:

1) Pumpkin bisque served with bourbon cream and bourbon pecan brittle.

2)  Pan seared scallops wrapped with jalapeno + bacon, topped with a bourbon cream sauce.

3) Arugula and watercress tossed on with a roasted habanero vinaigrette. Served with honeydew and shredded manchego.

4) Arctic char with honey bourbon glaze, served with sweet potato frizzle and a mango chutney.

5) Filets two ways. Bourbon glaze Wellington and a Steak Diane served with black truffle mashed and pancetta Brussels sprouts.

6)  Blackberry bourbon sorbet.

7)  Bourbon chocolate moose with bourbon whipped cream.

So, get your ass in gear and call up Plan B in Glastonbury at (860) 430-9737 to get your reservations or just click here for tix for the Stamford dinner.  This might be your only chance to ever try this many Pappys in one sitting!

Pappy Van Winkle 5 Course Dinner
Date:  11/18
Time:  7 pm.
Cost:  $195 per person (tax and tip included)
Plan B Burger Bar & Bistro Glastonbury
Address: 120 Hebron Ave #6
Glastonbury, CT 06033
Phone:  (860) 430-9737
Plan B Burger Bar & Bistro Stamford
Noms: 3.75
Cost: $$$
Address: 230 Tresser Boulevard
Stamford, CT
Phone: (203) 964-8353

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  1. rachelhurvitz October 21, 2013 at 5:34 pm #

    Thanks for sharing guys!


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