Movember Grows on Half Your Face @ Half Full Brewery

1 Nov
Mario e Princess Peach find another Mario e Luigi at Half Full's Halloween Bash 2013

Mario e Princess Peach find another Mario e Luigi at Half Full’s Halloween Bash 2013


A Half Full Beerd: half shaved, half scruffy. So Conor-licious.

Has Half Full Brewery in Stamford lost half their minds?  They just might have gone over the edge, but it’s all for good this November.  This all started for us back this past Saturday at Half Full during the Halloween Bash.  After imbibing in many brews, a man must visit the facilities.  And there for gentle reading on the bathroom wall was the half lush, half scruffy face of Half Full owner Conor Horrigan.  He was describing the birth of the Half Full Beerds.  There was a QR code, so (as awkward as it was), I took a scan and got to the Half Full site describing Conor and crew’s plans for November.

Last year they all grew mustaches (and fine mustaches they were) and raised a ton of money for men’s health and awareness.  But, it’s hard to pull off a mustache without being super creepy.  I had shaved my beard down to a mustache just for my Mario costume and it seriously creeped out Kristien so much.  I even kept it for yesterday’s use of my Mario costume at school.

But, according to the Movember rules, you need to start fresh, so I shaved this morning.  Now, what’s the deal with the Half Full Beerds?  Well, Conor, Jordan Ben, and many others have taken the vow to shave half of their faces, while keeping the other side scruffy.  Aside from drinking their beer, this could be the best reason EVER to visit Half Full Brewery!

To join their team, just click here.   And, even if you can’t grow a mustache or a Half Full Beerd, you can still donate to the cause by visiting my Half Full Beerd page.  Donate to me or to the Half Full team, whatever you’d like to do.

Who’s in?

~ Dan

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    […] Conor Horrigan, will be on hand to talk about his brews.  We kinda want to go just to see what his Half Full beard looks like. […]


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