Chef Adam Greenberg of Fortina Competes on Chopped: Results (Spoiler Alert)

25 Feb
The Competitors for Chopped, Late Night Food Brawl. Local chef Adam Greenberg is pictured to the right. Photo from

The Competitors for Chopped, Late Night Food Brawl. Local chef Adam Greenberg is pictured to the right. Photo from

If you were given a plate of poutine with cold cheese all blobbed together on top of soggy fries and were then told that you needed to make a dish using that Canadian treat, Italian sausage, and tomatillos what would you make? Well, hell, we’d just eat the stuff, but the four competitors on Food Network’s Chopped last night needed to figure that one out . . . and quick. 

One of those four chefs who were competing for the $10,000 prize was Adam Greenberg, the former Executive Chef at the uber-successful Barcelona in West Hartford. Although he doesn’t work there anymore, he’s not too far away from Fairfield County now as he works at Fortina in Rye Brook, NY . . . just over the CT border. To see Chef Greenberg compete in Chopped wasn’t anything new for the Fortina boys, though, because Christian Petroni was also a competitor and laid down the law, taking home the big prize himself.

But, how did Chef Greenberg fare against the three other competitors and judges Scott Conant, Amanda Freitag, and Paloma restaurant owner Aarón Sánchez? Well, each round was pretty close, but Chef Greenberg’s confidence definitely helped to take him through the Appetizer round (even though judges thought that he could have used more flavor and umpph) and the Entrée round where he created a version of fideos using hamburger sliders and food-processed pasta. 

Perhaps the best part of this episode was the final dessert round where Greenberg taunted his competitor, sensing his win, then going on to make a bold statement. He looked at the camera and stated that he would eat his competitor’s heart. Man, that was awesome. But, it certainly wasn’t easy when he saw that he was given a burrito to create a dessert with. Greenberg shared on the show that he felt relief when he realized that it was mostly rice inside and would be easy to work with. In the end, Chef Greenberg ended up creating a rice ice cream that impressed the judges. 

And, when it came down to it, the judges felt that Chef Greenberg not only had a better dessert, but his performance was better than his competitor’s. So, congratulations to Chef Adam Greenberg! We not only look forward to seeing you compete again in the Chopped finals, but we’re also excited to check out Fortina in Rye Brook after having already loved their original spot in Armonk.

To catch the episode again, check out The Food Network on:

Sat, March 21 @ 11|10c
Sun, March 22 @ 2a|1c
Sun, March 22 @ 4|3c

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