Parallel Post + Onyx Moonshine Team Up for Scandalous Prohibition Dinner

26 Aug

As bad as you think your life is now with problems left and right, think about this:  what if you lived during the Prohibition Era?  You couldn’t get a beer, couldn’t get a cocktail, couldn’t even drink wine…what kind of life is that?  But, that didn’t stop the truly devoted who took the ban on liquor as a creative opportunity to sell illegal drinks in speakeasies and make a profit.  Oh, and you best believe that people started brewing their own liquid goodness too…stuff that would put hair on your chest, stuff that could polish (and maybe corrode) metal, stuff that was sure to get you all messed up with just a few sips.

Lucky for us, though, that moonshine can now be put into the hands of people who know what they are doing.  And, one of those moonshine producers just happens to be a CT based distillery called Onyx Moonshine.  Over the past couple of years, you’ve undoubtedly heard more and more about them as their production has increased, their market reach has grown, and the variety of products that they produce has expanded.  

So, Parallel Post in Trumbull figured why not team up with Onyx to create an Onyx Moonshine Dinner to show off this CT liquor while highlighting the great food that they have available?  This five course dinner is being held on 9/4 from 5-8 pm and will cost $75 per person, tax and tip extra.  When you get your ticket (RSVP here), you’ll get to try Onyx Moonshine flavors such as their original, Sweet Stash, Onyx 111, Apple Honey Infusion, and the new Cape Cod Cranberry.  These flavors and infusions will be paired with food from Chef de Cuisine Ali Goss and Executive Chef Chris Molyneux including Drunken Scallop Ceviche, Gilbertie’s Fall Harvest Salad with Cape Cod Cranberry Moonshine vinaigrette and Prohibition Canapés.  As if all those samples of moonshine weren’t enough, Bootleg Greg (that’s the bartender) will also be mixing some great cocktails for attendees.  

Onyx Moonshine Dinner

9/4 from 5-8

$75 per person, tax and tip extra

Parallel Post

180 Hawley Lane

Trumbull, CT 

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