Chilifest Returns to Westport! Get the Fiery Deets Here!

11 Dec

Chilifest 2014

Back when we started our blog, we were around for the first ever Chilifest! At first it was created as an off-shoot of the very successful Chowdafest, run by Jim Keenan. When we went, we had a great time and tasted some awesome chili. One of the things we remember the most, though, is that during the time of stuffing our faces how much snow fell down, crippling power lines and the drive home. But, hey, we were fed, we were warm, we were full: we didn’t care!

After that premier event in October of 2011, Chilifest didn’t come back so we were kind of sad. Secrely we’ve been hoping for it to return and wouldn’t you know it that Jim Keenan shared with us a few weeks back that, YES, it would return! So, the 2nd Annual Chilifest is going down on 2/1/15 at Bedford Middle School in Westport from 11-3 pm. You’ll have 18 chilis to taste in 3 different categories: Classic Beef, Creative Chili, and “Firehouse” Chili. The “Firehouse” category will be heating up with contestants from Fairfield, Norwalk, Trumbull, Weston, Westport, and Wilton Fire Departments, while Bobby Q’s (Westport), Cask Republic (New Haven, Stamford), Chef’s Table (Fairfield), Chilibomb (Fairfield), Liquid Lunch (Milford, Shelton), Local Kitchen & Beer Bar (Fairfield, Norwalk), Naked Greens (Norwalk, Wilton), Simply Delicious (Norwalk) and Southport Brewing Co. (Branford, Milford, Southport) are slated to compete in the other two categories.

Tix are just $10 for adults or $5 for kids 6-12 and can be bought right away here. When you enter, you’ll get a spoon, you’ll get a pencil, and you’ll get your voting ballot. Then, just devour all that chili.

Please be proud of us for not making any kind of flatulence joke! So, make sure to come by and snag your tickets now . . . it’ll be a gas. Okay, sorry, we couldn’t stop ourselves. No, seriously, it will be a ripping good time. No, really, seriously, see you there.

More about Chilifest 2014

Chilifest benefits the Turtle Fund which seeks to promote the education of young people in art, music, theater, skilled craft and other creative pursuits in order to create a rich cultural heritage for tomorrow.

Chilifest is proudly sponsored by Aitoro Appliances, Stop & Shop, Volvo of Westport, Local Kitchen & Beer Bar and WEBE 108. For more information about Chilifest please visit,email event chairperson, Jim Keenan, at

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