Places to Eat the Easter Bunny in Fairfield County

3 Apr

Creeper Easter Bunny

We know you’ve seen the awkward pictures: crying kids, afraid for their lives, trying to free themselves from the grips of the Easter bunny conveniently located at your local mall. Truly, pics with Peter Cottontail are enough to scar a child for life and make them fear furry white things. But, then again, perhaps it has inspired a growing crowd of people who call themselves Furries and kinda dig furry white things. Either way, it’s hard to understand this Easter bunny thing. Does he lay eggs or just steal them from chickens? That’s kind of mean, right? Well, it’s our time to get revenge on him for stealing all those eggs and for haunting our nightmares. Yes, we present to you a guide to some Fairfield County restaurants where you’ll be able to enjoy your own portion of the Easter Bunny.

Rabbit loin with lentils, prunes, and mustard oil at Bar Sugo in Norwalk

Rabbit loin with lentils, prunes, and mustard oil at Bar Sugo in Norwalk

Bar Sugo, Norwalk: Chef Pat Pascarella takes great pride in his use of game and you’ll often see rabbit on his menu. Whether it’s in the form of a meatball, loin, or another creation of his, it’s always great.

Artisan, Southport: last year when we ate at Artisan, we had an amazing bowl of Homemade Pappardelle with a Rabbit Ragu. If you didn’t know better, you might not realize that you were eating rabbit. It was tender, delicate, and plenty moist. 

Rabbit Ragu at Artisan

Rabbit Ragu at Artisan

LeFarm, Westport: with Chef Arik Bensimon in the kitchen, you know there will be lots of great food, especially overlooked meat cuts and game, too. Right now he is featuring Skilled Fried Rabbit that comes with charred broccoli, olives, polenta, and some Parmesan to add some fattiness. 

Saugatuck Craft Butchery, Westport: if you feel like experimenting and trying to make your own rabbit dishes, you can call up Craft and put an order for rabbit in. Call them up at (203) 226-6328 and it will take about three days, so plan ahead.

South End, New Canaan: Chef Nick Martschenko has been known to dabble in cooking with the Easter bunny. Most notably, he has had a Braised Rabbit & Ricotta Gnocchi on his menu.

Other places that have had rabbit on the menu:

Bailey’s Backyard, Ridgefield

Mediterraneo, Greenwich and Norwalk

Parallel Post, Trumbull 

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