Nakedness! Greens! Salads! Soups! Wraps! Naked Greens – South Norwalk, CT

7 Feb

Victor Melendez, owner of the freshly squeezed Naked Greens in SoNo

No artificial ingredients.

The freshest produce.

Seasonal items galore.

These are the tenets of Victor Melendez, the owner of the freshly grown Naked Greens that just opened and took up the spot in SoNo that Soup Alley used to occupy.  With those three rules set up, people in the downtown area will soon be hitting up Naked Greens to get their farm fresh salads, wraps, and soups.

So, how’s it work?  On the menu are 14 salads, perfected by the Naked Greens chefs, ready for you to enjoy or you can even turn it into a wrap.  Also, there will be seven homemade soups made fresh every single root n’ tootin’ day by none other than the chefs who used to cook at Soup Alley.  Really, a win-win situation.

Well, maybe you’re one of those annoying people who ask for this to be added to the salad, or that to be taken away, or ask for a Beet Generation™ salad (baby spinach, fresh beets, red onions, candied walnuts, and goat cheese) without the beets, onions, walnuts, and goat cheese?  Um, that’s a spinach salad, yeah.  Well, you’re in luck because there’s a fun 5 step process to making up your own salad or wrap:

1) Pick your naked greens (iceberg, romaine, baby spinach, mesclun, or arugula)

2) Pick up to 4 Awe-Inspiring Add-ons such as fresh beets, jalapeños, jicama, sun-dried tomatoes, quinoa, hard-boiled eggs, pita chips, or green apples.

3) Customize (if you want) with Speciality Add-ons like seared tuna, smoked turkey, chipotle chicken, smoked bacon, toasted almonds, avocados, or some fresh mozzarella.

4) Pick your vinaigrette (12 of them), a simple dressing (4), or creamy dressing (6). They’re all made fresh (notice the theme?) right in the store.

5) Choose your style:  stacked, mixed, or sliced.

The base salad starts at $6.99 and the wrap starts at $6.49.  Some of the salads that we’re excited to try out are the Beet Generation™  (goat cheese, duh), the Caprese Crunch (arugula, radicchio, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, fresh basil, and chips), and the Awesome Avocado (iceberg, avocado, hearts of palm, corn, cilantro, and grilled sweet lime shrimp).

But, they also have some desserts if you just want a nice, natural, pick me up or want to finish off that meal in a sweet way.  They have icy paletas (frozen fruit bars), creamy paletas, all natural fruit and nut bars, cookie bags, pita chips, and other chips.

Seems like Naked Greens can really offer SoNo a great service that is lacking:  good, healthy and natural food that’s ready to go for you, or quick to pick up.  Until we try the salads here, I’ll just be dreaming of that Beet Generation™ salad.  Oooooh, goat cheese.

Naked Greens
Address:  45 North Main Street
South Norwalk (free parking in the rear of the building)
Phone:  203 956-0550
Hours:  Monday through Saturday, 11 am – 9 pm
Eat In or Take Out
Delivery Available

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