Gourmet Burgers + Classic Cool: Bick’s Burgers and Fries Opening in Danbury

20 Jan


Chef Michael Bick is the man.  Not only does he own the ever popular Some Things Fishy Catering based out of Hat City, but he is a major supporter of local food and farms. This can be seen at his farm to table dinners (literally) at Holbrook Farms where he gets the majority of the ingredients for each stunning meal. Having been to two of his dinners, we can clearly say that this guy’s got some major culinary cred.

So, you could imagine how happy we were for him when he announced his brand new restaurant, Bick’s Burgers and Fries. He teased a few dishes on the Facebook page, but ever the curious OmNomivores, we asked to learn more and he oh so graciously agreed.

Starting off, Bick’s Burgers is right off of the main green in Downtown Danbury, located at 14 Ives Street. (On the way over, you’ll notice Sky Bar & Lounge, run by none other than 18 year old Ian Bick, Chef Bick’s son.) If you’re familiar with Danbury, this brand new burger joint took over Fat Wedge University.  Chef Bick, his son, and the burger crew have been working hard on repairs, cleaning, and gussying up the place…and it’s paid off.  The 26 seat Bick’s Burgers has swivel high tops at the counter, comfy booths, and a classic red, white, and black theme going on.  

Now, let’s show you a few key things that are destined to make Bick’s Burgers and Fries a go-to burger joint.

Chef Bick's favorite burger, the Umami Burger:  Umami spice sprinkle, sauteed mushrooms with truffle oil, Ugli tomato, housemade Umami Ketchup, on a home baked Truffle Brioche bun

Chef Bick’s favorite burger, the Umami Burger: Umami spice sprinkle, sauteed mushrooms with truffle oil, Ugli tomato, housemade Umami Ketchup, on a home baked Truffle Brioche bun


Each patty is hand-formed and made from a very carefully selected blend of high quality chuck, brisket, and short ribs that’s seasoned very simply with sea salt and ground pepper.  Then, to keep things nice and juicy, they put a nice pad of herbed butter on top of the burger to finish things up.   Chef Bick will also have veggie burgers available, too, starting off with a black bean patty and expanding into his famous barley burger.  From there, you’re the star and you build the burger of your dreams.

Start if off with a choice of cheese ($1.25):  Classic Yellow American, Maytag Blue, Emmentaler, NY Sharpe White Cheddar, and Monterey Pepper Jack .

Bick's Burgers BoothsThen, pick the house-made sauces you’d like to add on (.75), including regular ketchup, Umami Ketchup, Southwestern Cactus Ketchup, Chipotle Ketchup, Citrus Chipotle BBQ Sauce, Poached Garlic Aioli, Sriracha Aioli, Dijon Mustard, and a Truffle Aioli ($1.50 extra).

Then, pile on the toppings for $1.50 each:  red onion, tomato, Bibb lettuce, smashed avocado, bacon, olive tapenade, caramelized onions, red onion marmalade, mushroom ragout, Fireworks Slaw, and zucchini pickles.

Finally, finish it all up by picking the bun…but choose wisely. :-P  There’s a potato roll, a sesame seed bun, a great housemade brioche bun (buttery, slightly sweet, yummy), and a housemade truffle brioche ($1.50 extra, but made with real truffles) that will have you begging for more.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich and BBQ Pulled Pork Bun

If burgers ain’t your thang, or you just want to switch things up, Chef Bick and co. have some other choices available for you.  First up is Bick’s Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich.  It’s from Chef Bick’s favorite cut of chicken meat, the thigh.  He double batter dips the chicken then deep fries it until it has that perfectly golden and crispy coating.  He then serves it on a potato bun with zucchini pickles, fireworks slaw (made with red and yellow cabbage, pepper, jalapeno, and chipotle), and the poached garlic aioli.

Bicks Burgers SeatsYou will also be able to order the BBQ Pulled Pork Bun on the housemade brioche.  To make this bad boy, Chef Bick cooks pork shoulder low and slow and rubs it with a specially made Ancho chili bbq spice rub.  Once it’s pulled, they pour on some sweet vinegar red sauce and Citrus Chipotle BBQ sauce then top that with Fireworks Slaw or red onion marmalade.

Salads, Fries, and Sweets

Now, you can’t just order a burger, chicken sandwich, or pulled pork without fries.  Duh.  That would be a sin.  So, order up some hand cut fries or even sweet potato fries.  Bick’s Burgers and Fries will also feature a constantly evolving salad made with ingredients, veggies, and fruits from local purveyors like Holbrook Farms.  Each salad will also be highlighted with an ever changing array of handmade dressings that are all natural, preservative free, and fresh ingredients.  And, you’ll want to finish off your meal with either the Cappuccino Brownies and/or Sour Cherry Pecan Blondies.  Oh yeah!

Changes in the Coming Months

Chef Bick plans to open up on Thursday, 1/30, so get ready…that’s just a week away!  After things start to go smoothly after the opening, he’ll start to keep Bick’s Burgers and Fries open late.  You’ll be able to stop by and get some hot dogs Thursday-Saturday from 9-3 am.  And, on those all beef hot dogs, you can add on Dijon, cooked red onions, sauerkraut, and sweet chili relish.  Eventually, the plan is for people at Sky Bar to order some food and have it delivered right to them.      

You can also look forward to some great additions for warmer weather like malted milkshakes and varitions of iced tea and a refreshing basil lemonade. Finishing it all up, they’ll also offer pick up and delivery.

We just can’t wait to sink our teeth into those burgers.  But, we have to be honest:  Chef Bick gave us one of the Truffle Brioche buns to try and it’s all we’ve been thinking about.  We’re addicted and that’s not fair.  Guess we’ll just need to drive on up!

Bick’s Burgers and Fries

Noms:  TBD

Cost:  $$

Address: 14 Ives Street

Danbury, CT

Phone: (203) 482-7099

Hours:  Monday-Wednesday, 11-8 pm

Thursday-Saturday, 11 am – 3 am

Sunday, closed

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6 Responses to “Gourmet Burgers + Classic Cool: Bick’s Burgers and Fries Opening in Danbury”

  1. carl huben January 1, 2015 at 8:31 pm #

    Have you ever tried Olde 37 patio & grill ?They feature locally sourced Grass -Fed beef burgers,Oven Fries,Cane Sugar Sodas,and Great Shakes.


  2. Camille February 8, 2014 at 10:18 am #

    Hey- excited about this! When’s opening day?



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