Gardening Tips and Seed Swap Schindig with Slow Food Shoreline @ Luck + Levity Brewshop

25 Apr
Do you think someone will bring seeds for a money tree?

Do you think someone will bring seeds for a money tree?

Whatca planting in your garden this year?  The same tomatoes, peppers, and zukes…or will you be trying new things?  Or, will this be the year you finally get your act together and start your own backyard garden?  Whatever your skill level or needs, there’s a great event that Slow Food Shoreline is hosting on May 4 from 2-6 at Luck & Levity Brewshop in New Haven.  Consider it Home Gardening 101 along with a Seed/Seedling Swapping opportunity.  Please help out Slow Food Shorelines by registering here (it’s free, but donations to their summer education program will be kindly welcomed) so they know how many people will be coming.  Also, please feel free to bring whatever drinks you’d like, though the more local the better.  Perfect choice?  New England Brewing Co, right down 95 in Woodbridge!

Here’s a breakdown of the day:

2-2:30:  Introductions and chill time

2:30-4:  How to plan out your garden with Leslie Evans.  She’ll be talking about tried and true practices from New England gardeners and growers that you can work into your own gardening.  Some of the other topics include how to create raised bed gardens, composting, mulching, fertilizing, “companion planting,” and how to attract insects that will help your garden to thrive.

4-5:  Your chance to swap seeds and seedlings with other fellow gardeners.  Comstock Ferre will also be on hand providing free samples and seed catalogs if you really want to stop up your game.

Gardening Discussion and Seed Swap

May 4, 2-6

Free, though donations welcomed for their summer education program

Luck & Levity Brewshop

118 Court Street

New Haven, CT

More about Slow Food Shoreline:

Slow Food Shoreline is a local chapter of the national non-profit organization Slow Food USA. As a local chapter we invite our community to taste, celebrate, and champion the foods and food traditions of Connecticut.

Our Local Mission:  Slow Food Shoreline’s mission is to promote cooking and nutritional education, with a focus on using local ingredients, to improve the health of the region. Our focus is on teaching scratch cooking using whole ingredients, with an additional focus on fresh, local, and seasonal products. We believe that teaching core cooking skills and encouraging a love of food and cooking, is the best way for participants to sustain what they’ve learned and change eating habits long term, as well as become better informed consumers. Through cooking demonstrations, tastings, cooking classes, and other food education opportunities, we’ll provide the community with the confidence, knowledge, and motivation to build healthy and delicious food habits.

More about Luck & Levity Brewshop:

Scott Vignola (@nhvbeerguy) has lived in New England most of his life. Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, he attended high school in Bethel, Connecticut and later earned a Bachelor’s in English Literature from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

After working in the retail and restaurant sectors in Boston for three years, he moved to Washington, D.C. where he gained small business experience as the Director of Operations at a local retail & e-commerce start-up. In 2007, he moved to Eugene, Oregon where he furthered his expertise and experience in small business operations—and with beer. In late-Summer 2010, he began Peace Corps service in Morocco as a Small Business Development Volunteer.

In May 2012, he returned from Morocco and moved to New Haven where he owns and operates Greater New Haven’s only homebrewing & fermentation supply store: The Luck & Levity Brewshop.

His focus at the Brewshop centers on bringing people together in the timeless tradition of enjoying fermented foods and beverages. The shop’s only motto is “Never pretentious or too serious.”

While he has no pets, he welcomes dogs to the shop anytime.

He can be reached at the shop or via his e-mail address.


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