Where Soccer Hooligans Go to Watch the FIFA World Cup in Fairfield County

11 Jun

Ready ter celebrate de FIFA Warrld Cup?  Yeah, we nu yer are an’ yer better believe we’re ‘elpin’ ter feed yisser addicshun wi’ a list av sum deadly places ter to watch de games, draink sum Guinness, draink sum Guinness, an’ draink sum Guinness.  Yeah, they ‘av grub too, but you’ll want ter make sure yer can draink sum Guiness.  That’s whaen de soccer ‘ooliganism begins an’ people a go from rabid fans ter rabid beasts who ‘eadbutt supporters av opposin’ team, gettin’ bleedin foreheads, soon ‘eadin’ back ter draink sum Guinness.

Say what?

Translation:  Ready to celebrate the FIFA World Cup?  Yeah, we know you are and you better believe we’re helping to feed your addiction with a list of some great places to to watch the games, drink some beer, drink some beer, and drink some beer.  Yeah, they have food too, but you’ll want to make sure you can drink some beer.  That’s when the soccer hooliganism begins and people turn from rabid fans to rabid beasts who headbutt supporters of opposing team, getting bloody foreheads, soon going back to drink some beer.

So, hooligans, here are some places ta check out the FIFA World Cup (schedule here) from June 12 all the way until July 13 for the final match, depending on your degree of hooliganism and the level of debauchery that ya seek.

Wicked Bad Hooligan

Tigin Irish Pub, Stamford

Not only is there a wicked good selection of beer here, this (in our eyes) is one of the top spots in CT to watch soccer.  There is yelling, there is cursing, there is moaning, there is cheering…and it’s just freaking awesome.  Plus, why not enter to win $1,000,000 from them? ;)  Just be sure to enter by June 12 to get your first game brackets in.

What to Eat:  burgers, Irish breakfast, boxty, wings, fish n’ chips

Wicked Hooligan

Tavern on 7, Norwalk

You could argue that this spot, right on Route 7 in Norwalk, might be the official soccer spot of Fairfield County.  Team flags everywhere, games always on, and people always ready for some futbol action.  While the best spot to watch the games is at the bar, there are still plenty of nice seats in the house if you want.  Drink and food specials for each game, too.

What to eat:  variety of burgers, Guinness fish n chips, sirloin, and sandwiches

Slightly-Wicked Hooligan

O’Neils, Norwalk

O’Neils will get ya plastered mighty quick so ya can enjoy the matches even more.  The best part is, there’s a ton of room so you’re sure to find a seat you can hang out in for the entire game…or longer to either celebrate with more beers, or drown your sorrows with more beer.  Either way, more beer.  

What to eat:  award winning NE Clam Chowder, Beef & Guinness Stew, Bangers & Mash, and Gaelic Steak

Mild-Mannered Hooligan

Bistro 7, Wilton

Farm-to-fork dining doesn’t have to be so quiet and subdued, ya know?  That’s cuz Bistro 7 in Wilton will be celebrating with the games up on the TV and drink specials.  Actually, epic drink specials.  $50 gets you up to 3 drinks per visit (wine, beer, or Brazil’s official drink the Caipirinha) and a ticket to the World Cup Final Bash.  Get your pass here or by buying at the restaurant.

What to eat: Beef and Gouda Risotto Balls, grilled octopus, truffle fries, French burger, and the Orecchiette Bolognese

Coalhouse Pizza, Stamford

52 brews on tap=the BEST spot for beer lovers to watch the World Cup.  Gerard already shows games, but he just added three new large screen TVs into the side room.  In an ultimate mind-blowing game-within-a-game experience, you can play games in the backroom and watch the game on TV.  Damn.  Plus, you’ll get to drink local with $12 CT beer pitchers and plenty of food specials.

What to eat:  any of their pies, burgers, their mac & cheese

BJ Ryan’s BanC House, Norwalk

BJ Ryan’s BanC House has 15 tvs throughout their restaurant:  from the bar, to the dining areas, and even outside in their killer patio.  They’ll be playing all the games “in full volume,” so saddle on up.

What to eat:  good ribs, pulled pork, creative sandwiches, and crabs (not the kinds that hooligans get, either)

Capriccio Cafe, Stamford

The Irish or Brazilians aren’t the only people in the world who are hooligans…don’t leave out us:  The Italians!  Some might say that we invented (or at least perfected) hooliganism.  Either way, Capriccio Cafe is kicking things off for the World Cup in an awesome way:  they’re setting up 4 outdoor TVs on their awesome patio on Bedford, will have raffles, and will offer $5 Caipirinhas.  Open air dining, drinking, and game-watching?  Fugghetaboutit!  Oh, and don’t you want to hear Italians and the staff curse at the TV and watch them shake their heads in disapproval?  Fugghetaboutit!

What to eat:  their pizzas, Burrata with Speck and Tomato, Calamari alla Griglia, panini, and their Orecchiette alla Barese

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