Hello Kitty Cocktail + Cupcake Combo @ Parallel Post Raises Money for Breast Cancer Wellness

15 Oct

Parallel Post's Hello Kitty picture from Parallel Post

Excuse us for a second. We’re still trying to recover from some heart-wrenhing news that we discovered a few weeks ago. Yes, yes…it’s true, it’s all true. Sanrio revealed that Hello Kitty is actually not a kitty. She’s actually a girl dressed as a kitty! We know, we know, your world is shattered, and you’re still trying to pick up the pieces…us too…us too. 

Well, let’s bring back some of the fonder times that we had with Hello Kitty and honor the demise of our childhood with an awesome way to end your meal at Parallel Post in Trumbull. All you have to do is proudly say to your server, “I want the Hello Kitty.” He or she will, of course say, “Purrfect, I’ll get that for you right away.” In a few minutes you’ll have a two-part dessert sent right to your table:

Part 1: a cocktail with steaming hot cappuccino from Shearwater Coffee Roasters mixed with Godiva Chocolate Liquor, Campari, and Onyx 11 Moonshine. That’s topped with pink foam and pink chocolate shavings to tie it all together.

Part 2: a pink cupcake that’s filled with pink pudding, spread with a decadent pink buttercream frosting on top, and pink ribbon sprinkles and pink chocolate shavings, too.

The full Hello Kitty experience is just $15 (good deal for a drink and dessert at a nice place, btw) AND $2 of that will then be donated to CT Breast Health Initiative located in New Britain. Right now it’s October 15, so you have the rest of October to order this treat and help make a difference.

Maybe this will help us get past the darkest moment in our lives…

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