Two Roads Brewery Makes National List of Best New Beers in 2014

7 Jan

It’s the beer from Stratford-based Two Roads that had a festival named after it: Road Jam! This seasonal brew became a popular choice of people ready to chill throughout CT and the surrounding states when it was released in 2014. Red in color, a bit jammy in taste, and refreshing all over, their raspberry wheat ale just screams summer drinking. Well, guess people have really been noticing because Two Roads was one of 13 breweries that were given the status of having one of the Best New Beers of 2014 by First We Feast.

Bill Brooks, a bartender at The Cannibal Beer & Butcher, had this to say of Road Jam:

This wheat ale brewed with raspberries and lemon grass looks like it belongs in a slushy machine at a bar in Cancun (in a good way). But with the master hand of Phil Markowski and company, this beer finished dry and stayed away from bad decisions. It became my go-to for the summer in a way that made my wife jealous.

To read more about what Bill Brooks had to say and the other 12 brews listed, check out the list here

Also, let us know: what’s your favorite new beer of last year? Which brews are you looking forward to trying this year?

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