Guess What’s Bock? Bock Again? Two Roads’ Bock! Tell a Friend . . .

4 Feb
Henry's Farm Double Bock dopplebock lager Two Roads

From Two Road’s FB page.

“Without Brew” to the tune of “Without Me” by Eminem

Guess what’s bock? Bock again?

Two Roads’ Bock, tell a friend.

Guess what’s bock

guess what’s bock

guess what’s bock

guess what’s bock

guess what’s bock

guess what’s bock . . .

They’ve created a malt monster, cause nobody wants to

drink Budweiser no more, they want Henry’s Farm, not Bud’s swill liquor

well if you want Henry’s Farm, this is what Two Roads’ll give ya

a little bit of hops mixed with barley and malt,

a dopplebock that’ll jumpstart your thirst quicker than a

brewmaster named Phil Markowski brewing up German Lager

while I’m drinking the Double Bock from my bomber (hey!)

You waited all year long, now stop yo’ waiting cause it’s back,

it’s soon on tap and pour-alating.

I know that you got a job Mr. Hittle, but your Two Road’s beer is complex and mouthwater-ating,

So the TTB won’t let me be or let me be me so let me see

they tried to shut down my beer IV but it feels so sober without me.

So come on drink, get malt on your lips, fuck that,

suds on your lips and some on your wrists and get ready ‘cuz this beer’s nice and heady.

I just settled all my bar tabs,

Fuck yeah Henry!

(Chorus 2x)

Now this looks like a job for Markowski, so everybody just drink with me

‘Cause we need a little Henry’s Farm-y

‘Cause the bottle’s so empty without me . . . 

From Two Roads:

Our limited-edition Henry’s Farm Double Bock (Dopplebock) is back for another year! Our Double Bock is made in remembrance of partner Brad Hittle’s great-grandfather Henry Dethlefsen, who made a bock beer on his White Lake, South Dakota farm every spring for his neighbors to enjoy. It is a classic strong German lager with a robust body and a deep ruby red color.  Our recipe uses an unusually generous amount of toasted German and North American barley that is lightly balanced with floral hops to give this brew a well-rounded sweetness with notes of caramel, toffee and pumpernickel bread.  After enjoying this delicious double bock and its exceptionally smooth, malty finish you’ll be surprised to learn that it also sports a 7.8% ABV. 

Henry’s Farm is now available in bombers at Two Roads (and stores soon), pints, tasters, and growlers. 

2 Responses to “Guess What’s Bock? Bock Again? Two Roads’ Bock! Tell a Friend . . .”

  1. Leslie February 4, 2015 at 9:18 am #

    YOU GUYS!!!!! I’m dying!!! :D


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