You Voted: What Are CT’s Best IPAs?

9 Aug

Best IPA in Connecticut 2013

When we set out to see what Connecticut’s favorite IPAs were, we had no idea that so many people would vote.  By the end of Thursday there were almost 1,000 votes…quite an impressive number.  While New England Brewing Co’s Gandhi-Bot took the lead from the start, Shebeen’s Black Hops IPA quickly dominated, followed by Willimantic’s VEG IPA overcoming them all.  Then, in an amazing show of unison, IPA lovers voted for Beer’d Brewing’s Grove Stand Double IPA.

And, that leads us to the winners!  While your favorite CT IPA might not have placed how you wanted, take this as a sign a from the beer gods.  They want you to check out these breweries and try their brews.  It’s always cool to try new things.

First Place

Beer’d Brewing Co,  Stonington:  Grove Stand Double IPA

38% of the votes

Second Place

New England Brewing Co, Woodbridge:  Gandhi-Bot

22% of the votes

Third Place

Shebeen Brewing Company, Wolcott:  Black Hop IPA

10% of the votes

Thank you to all who voted and all who helped to spread the word about this contest.  It was incredible to see people excited and passionate about Connecticut beer.  Also, it was amazing to see people open up to all the amazing beer that we have in Connecticut.

We hope you have a beery hoppy day.

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