Small Town Brewery, Big Time Taste! New England Brewing Company-Woodbridge, CT

11 Jun

On Tap at New England Brewing Company-Liquid Gold

  • Imperial Stout Trooper  • 668: Neighbor of the Beast  • Gandhi Bot

What do these names have in common?  They are all the geeky and snarky inventions of The New England Brewing Company.  At this microbrewery, they brew small batches of beer, then can them by hand–every single one of them.  When we went to visit, Gandhi Bot, 668: Neighbor of the Beast, and Imperial Stout Trooper were on tap to try and to get growlers worth.

Imperial Stout Trooper

George Lucas No Likey!

First off, we had the Imperial Stout Trooper.  The original logo was a storm trooper from Star Wars, but I guess George Lucas didn’t like that.  He sent a letter to New England Brewing Company, asking them to change the logo.  Now, this is why you see the storm trooper wearing sunglasses.  This letter is also available for viewing right by the taps and is worth a chuckle.  The beer itself was deep, chocolately, thick, and was wicked good.  We wanted a growler of this (bring your own or purchase one for a few bucks) but as we were talking with them about the brewery, a local came and swiped the last dregs!  Bastard.

Gandhi Bot

Beer Filling Station, Word.

When you look at the tap logo for Gandhi Bot, you can’t help but think how awesome this place is.  Also, you can see the various evolutions of the Gandhi Bot logo all around the shop.  This Double IPA is strong and hits you hard.  It’s very piney, as goes many Double IPAs.  Kristien wasn’t a big fan, but I did enjoy it.

668:  Neighbor of the Beast

I can’t describe this beer better than fellow bloggers Food + Beer can:

“668 Neighbor of the Beast”, a Belgian Strong Pale Ale with a light body and both a spicy and fruity character, ranks in at over 9% and is almost equally delicious.”  Yeah, this was a great beer and to honor it we took home a growler of the strong stuff!  The name stems from 666 being the number of The Beast, Satan, The Devil, muah ha ha and all that evil stuff.  His next door neighbor would be 668, giving you a hint of how devilishly good this Pale Ale is!

We’d Love to Take a Bath in Those Vats!!!

Other Goodies

There are also other cans available for purchase such as Elm City Lager and Sea Hag IPA.  We bought a six pack of the Sea Hag and have been digging it, only drinking the can for special occasions.  For example:  it’s Monday.  Or, for another example:  it’s Tuesday.

So, fellow Omnomavores…you’ve gotta take a trip to Woodbridge and meet the funky, fun, and geeky cast of brewers at New England Brewing Company.  Taste what’s on tap, but most importantly come home with lots of their beer and support local brewers!  Brewhaha!

New England Brewing Company
Address:  7 Selden Street
Woodbridge, CT 06525
Phone:  (203) 387-2222

New England Brewing Company on Urbanspoon

18 Responses to “Small Town Brewery, Big Time Taste! New England Brewing Company-Woodbridge, CT”

  1. Ryan June 17, 2011 at 11:07 am #

    Just noticed the shoutout – Thanks guys! Still have to try that Stout Trooper.


    • Dan Del Ferraro June 17, 2011 at 11:11 am #

      The Stout Trooper was really nice. Not as heavy or bold as Ten Fidy, but up there with it. :) No problem for the shout out


      • Chris July 30, 2011 at 8:55 pm #

        Looks awesome…wish they had distribution in Stamford…lots of beer drinkers here…you should come visit us some time and maybe bring some samples!


        • Dan Del Ferraro July 30, 2011 at 9:32 pm #

          They just might have some stuff at Bev Maxx… Think I saw some there. Also got some NEB on tap at Coalhouse Pizza! Also have bottles there.



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