How to get your CT Beer Week Badge on Untappd

8 May

Want this fancy badge for your Untappd Collection? Yeah, we do too!

CT Beer Week is right around the corner (May 11-18th) and, as we first told you, it’s brewing with lots of great events that show off how awesome Connecticut beer can be and how we can hang with the big boys at the Rising Pint Brewfest.  Now, the sad thing about beer is that once you drink it, it’s gone.  Well, kind of.  See, it gets caught in your belly somehow, but that’s not a souvenir most want to keep around.  BUT, we’ve got the info on a nice shiny badge that you’ll want to put up in your collection and to keep.  Yes, CT Beer Week will have its own Untappd badge!  There it is right above you.  See that?  That needs to be in your brew badge collection.  Here’s how:

Just some of our 40 badges.  Yeah.  What u got, son?

Just some of our 40 badges. Yeah. What u got, son?

1)  Make sure you’ve downloaded Untappd.  It’s a great way to keep track of the beer you drink, to add notes and ratings, and to add brews to your to-drink list.  You can also follow your friends and get brew advice. :)

2) Then, here’s the fun part.  You need to drink and use our favorite brew app.  Untappd’s blog post says: “Earn your special-release badge between May 11th – 18th, when you check-in any beer while at two or more of the participating venues listed here! Be sure to include your location at check-in to qualify.

Here are some of the local spots:  Bar in New Haven, Coalhouse Pizza in Stamford, Drew Drop Inn in Derby, Half Full Brewery in Stamford, J. Timothy’s in Plainville, New England Brewing Co in Woodbridge, any Plan B Burger, any SBC, Ginger Man Greenwich and Norwalk, Two Roads Brewery in Stratford.

3) Show off your pretty badge (look at our fancy collection here) to your friends and maybe be kind enough to show them how to get it too.

4) Follow us on Untappd by clicking here.  We follow back. ;)

5) Keep using Untappd to check into beers and breweries.

Cheers, CT.  How are you celebrating CT Beer Week?  

Let us know what you’re doing and we’ll drink a cold one in your honor.  If you’re really nice, we’ll tweet a pic of one of us drinking it, too.  

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