Are the rumors true? Is Dinosaur Bar-b-que coming to Stamford, CT?

10 Apr

Update:  as of 5 pm, 12/5/12, Dinosaur Stamford is open.  Check our review!

 If you haven’t had a chance to try Dinosaur BBQ yet, then either get into NYC stat or take a weekend trip up to one of their three upstate locations in Syracuse, Rochester, or Troy, because it is da bomb! See, I grew up about 45 minutes from Syracuse and went to Syracuse University, so I would hit up Dinosaur BBQ whenever I had the chance. What exactly is Dinosaur BBQ you might be asking? *ahem, blasphemy* Dinosaur BBQ is a down and dirty BBQ joint and bar that started as essentially a food truck touring motorcycle shows, fairs, and festivals before settling down at their first location in Syracuse in 1988. See, good things do start in upstate NY (like moi, hehe). Now, all four locations are frequented by bikers and BBQ lovers alike. With fantastically tender ribs and pork, delicious side dishes like to-die-for potato salad, and sauces so good they’re sold at grocery stores across the U.S., Dinosaur BBQ can rival any seasoned BBQ joint of the south!

So, when we heard a rumor a few weeks ago that my beloved Dinosaur BBQ is coming to Stamford, CT, I almost exploded with excitement.  But, never being ones to spread rumors without a little fact checking, we emailed Dinosaur BBQ’s corporate office for some answers.  So, word from the horse’s mouth is they are in negotiations for a Stamford spot (supposedly in the up-and-coming Harbor Point area), but nothing is final yet. Now it’s final. :)

So, we promise to update this post as soon as we hear more, but it sounds like things are moving along well.  Until then, there’s a Facebook page to rally for Dinosaur BBQ to come to Stamford. Hey, I know it won’t make it happen any sooner, but we can all hope, right?

Dinosaur Bar-b-que

845 Canal Street

Stamford, CT

Dinosaur BBQ on Urbanspoon

10 Responses to “Are the rumors true? Is Dinosaur Bar-b-que coming to Stamford, CT?”

  1. Howie at Sky Pulse Media April 11, 2011 at 12:30 am #

    Damn you guys sound excited. I went to the one in Troy. It was good. Not as good as Uncle Marty’s in Averil Park when it comes to ribs but they rank. They do have a great beer selection and pretty good sides. So yes you have to try Uncle Marty’s. And they have a kick ass beer menu too just not as glamorous and much smaller. But seriously I eat his ribs with a knife and fork they slide off the bone and every batch has a slightly different BBQ sauce because its made from scratch each time.

    Surprisingly NYC has quite a lot of great BBQ.


    • Dan Del Ferraro April 12, 2011 at 6:36 pm #

      Yeah, it’s pretty exciting. I ate there once, but Kristien’s an expert when it comes to Dinosaur! :) I judge how good a rib is by how messy my face, hands, and rest of body are after eating. ;) Where is Averil Park? :)



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