Conor Horrigan of Half Full and 11 others to speak at Ignite Stamford #3

23 Jul

If you had 5 minutes to talk about any topic, what would you speak about? Or, better yet…what do you really value?   And, what if during these 5 minutes you had 20 slides that flipped ahead every 15 seconds?   This might seem like a lot of pressure, but this is the formula for Ignite Stamford. While it is tough to pace yourself, trust us, it’s so worth it (see our Ignite Stamford talk here).

We’re talking about 12 great speakers, 12 different topics, 12 big moments of inspiration. And, this coming Ignite Stamford on August 15th (doors open at 6:30, talks begin at 7) is going to be awesome. Not only are three of our friends talking, there are lots of topics that made us buy our tickets right away.  Plus, we’re very excited because they’ve moved over their event to the Ferguson Library and, thus, can hold more people.  As of this morning, there are still 74 tickets left, but this will go quickly and will definitely sell out.

Here are the speakers:

  • Jonathan Yarmis – “Dr. Disruptive on the Next Wave of Disruptive Technologies”
  • Marc Jaffe – “There Is No Straight Line”
  • Jane Shan Ko-Chen – “N/A”
  • Diane Pauley – “Wake Up (!) To Your Truth”
  • Andrea Banty – “The City That Bikes”
  • Conor Horrigan – “What Pursuing Your Passion Looks Like”
  • Lyn Girdler – “The HeART of Connection”
  • Jeremy Kranowitz – “Turning It Over: Converting Food Waste from Major Events into Compost for Urban Gardens”
  • Holly Danger – “Digital Ideas & Analog Dreams”
  • RJ Mercede – “Defining Stamford”
  • Alex & Ryan Virvo – “How Art and Local Businesses Can Build A Child’s Self-Esteem”
  • Shana Hurley – “What You Need to Lead”

We love Conor from Half Full and his story, so we’re really psyched to hear him speak, and then we have our buds RJ (also helped to create Eat for Equity Stamford) talking about Stamford and Holly talking about the creative process in her video installation called “Soul Seasons.”  Finally, we’re excited to hear about what others say, especially Jeremy Kranowitz.  When we went to Portland and Seattle composting was everywhere so it’s definitely possible, even for Stamford.

We really hope to see you there!  Tickets are only $11.54 with processing.

Ignite Stamford #3

August 15, starts at 7

Ferguson Library

96 Broad Street

Stamford, CT

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