Chef Plum Takes Dinner Underground Again with a Saranac Beer + BBQ Dinner – Newtown, CT

16 May


Now that we finally have that warmer weather that we dream of during the colder months in Connecticut, we can look forward to BBQ season.  For some, BBQ season never ends, though.  The tailgate warriors, the backyard chefs who won’t allow a little annoying snow to ruin their plans of cooking up some burgers on the barbie.  But, whether you’re a BBQ expert, a novice, or just a BBQ eater, you’ve probably never had a BBQ meal like the one that Chef Plum of Newtown, CT has planned out for Sunday, May 26 from 7 to 10.  He’s repurposed Butcher’s Best in Newtown as a pop up restaurant in his dining series called Dinner Underground.  Tickets are limited to just 30 people and cost $85.39 (that’s with the service fee) and you can buy them here.  So, you know how we work…this is where we explain why you need to get yourself to this event:

Chef Plum (Kristopher Plummer) was a winner of a special Chopped segment, was one of 60 contestants selected to compete on ABC’s The Taste, and has been featured in more than 30 eHow videos.  He graduated from the Culinary Institute of America, cooked at some amazing places in Florida, then brought it all back home to Connecticut in Newtown.  His last Dinner Underground Series was a great success, but he wanted to do something different this time around.  That’s why he’s offering up a unique take on BBQ that has six creative courses paired with Saranac Beer.  The food at the Dinner Underground event will feature Butcher’s Best meats (he proudly states that this is the best butcher in the state) and local produce.  And, he’s planned out the menu to invite conversation, especially with him as his explains his inspiration for each course and answers any questions that you might have.  For example, “What’s the meaning of life, Chef Plum?” or “Why did the chicken cross the road, Chef Plum?” or even “What’s the perfect beer to pair with a human kidney if you were a cannibal, Chef Plum?”    Well, maybe not…maybe just keep the questions related to the food and the dinner.  But, here’s the menu:

1st course:  Squid and olive salad with fresh parsley and Meyer lemon

2nd course:  Pork belly tacos with toasted cumin and citrus jicama slaw

3rd course:  A micro salad, deconstructed with beet rainbow feta cheese and infused olive oil

4th course:  BBQ chicken duo, black silkie (black chicken!  He told us we’d be amazed), free range local with bbq sauce cubes, grilled veggies

5th course: Flank steak chimichurri with french fry (not a typo, really just one.  We’re super curious about what this will be.  We tried to get him to answer, but he’s being very secretive.  Chefs…geez.)

6th course:  Inside out apple pie with cherry and goat cheese ice cream

Again, there are only 30 tickets, so if you’re planning on going, then definitely get ‘um while they’re hot off the grill.  We really look forward to this event and plan on going.

Great menu Chef Plum!   Now, we’ll start dreaming about our french fry, black chicken, and…oh…that cherry and goat cheese ice cream.  Om nom nom.

Dinner Underground Saranac Beer Dinner

May 26 from 7-10 pm

$85.39 per person

Butcher’s Best

Address: 79 South Main Street

Newtown, CT 06470


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